The Fae
by Maria Millette, The Harvey School

My grandmother used to tell me about the fae 

Little beings that danced around the collard green grass that decorated our farm. 

Their little feet planting success for the next harvest to come

They came 

Every August, September, and October 

Around the time our apples were at full growth  

Our carrots thick as the marshes by the river 

The fae gave us hope that we will win the year’s pumpkin contest 

And ate all the weeds away.

At that young age I was determined to see the fae so 

Every August, September, and October

I took the stepping stool from Uncle Tim’s shed 

Snatched the jar of sugar from the second shelf and ran towards the orchard

Decorating the ground with roads full of sugar for the fae to feast on.

I never found the fae but found the rage of my uncle

Mad for feeding the fruit flies that ravaged our strawberry fields 

Years went by and

 I forgot about the fae

My imagination weakened like my grandmother 

Who passed away that September 

I was going to the orchard to pick an apple for late night’s pie 

And that’s when I saw them.

Dancing around my grandmothers tree

Decorating the fruits with bite marks and pixie dust.

So that very day I knew 

That the fae not only promised us a good harvest 

But also my grandmother’s soul a safe journey home.