What you Receive?

Value for Money!

You’ll receive a series of step by step, short videos produced and posted weekly along with related topic support, educational, and empowerment/motivational text content. All text/video content will be posted on the blog. At least 3 posts a week will be the norm but occasionally more depending on depth of lesson. 

The video content follows a strategy and gradually progresses throughout the year. The program starts with the basics, the fundamentals, and progresses monthly…setting up for long-term health habits.

Along with physical, mental, and nutrition advice, pain control, injury prevention/care will be addressed…and don’t miss Gary’s unique “monthly product” review from members suggestions.    

Gary covers…

(Exercise equipment, injury/braces, exercise/diet programs, Sports Medicine/ Sports training/sports performance products).

The Health-Reset way is to create long-term health habits by making subtle change throughout the year. Nothing drastic, just little progressive “physical/mental” adjustments here and there. A “slow transformation” to a healthier balanced life style last forever. Anything abrupt will interrupt…and quitting will follow.

And no, silly! Just because I trained professional athletes doesn’t mean I’m suggesting you train like one. 🙂 Rather, I’m providing you with the stellar health care advice they receive year around so when it’s time to train hard, they can perform at a higher level.

Follow along and participate consistently and experience a transformation to a healthier lifestyle.

Disclaimer: “All content” in the Health Reset Movement is created by Gary Simmons. No generated articles. no one else.